Mini Peppermint Pies

This is a late post – I made these on the 7th. I took this idea/complete dessert from Butter, with a side of bread’s ‘EasIMG_0533y mini peppermint pies’ recipe. I made this dessert with two other people in my kitchen, one being my mother and the other being Patryk (who makes sure this blog doesn’t crumble down from the IT side). I was so in the zone when I started making this dessert that I had gotten to having the Oreo crust done and halfway through mixing the peppermint/whipped topping together when Patryk pointed out I hadn’t taken a single picture of what I was making. So you guys will have to bare with me and just believe that I crushed up an entire package of Oreos into dirt, combined them with 3 tablespoons of butter, then packed them into cupcake tins (which is what the directions are), and this is what those tins looked like:



The next step in this recipe is to combine 8 ounces of whipped topping and half a gallon of pIMG_0536eppermint ice cream (as pictured above). I picked up Aldi brand whipped topping and peppermint ice cream because it is less than half the price as Stop & Shop and I love not spending everything in my wallet when I bake. After combining these two ingredients you shove the mixture into the Oreo crusted cupcake tins! This was super messy because I tried to make them look nice, that took too much time though and it started to melt and get on the cupcake tin, making a slushy mess. The cleaning of that was easy! After putting the ice cream mix into the tins, let it sit in the freezer! I let these sit overnight because I had plans and didn’t have time to wait for them to be fully formed to top them that evening.

IMG_0554After letting them sit overnight I was eager to take them out of the tins and top them with chocolate syrup and Oreo crumbs. The very first – FIRST – peppermint pie that I tried to knife out of the tin ended up looking like the picture shown. It just completely fell apart, coming out separated from the crust. This is where I took a very deep breath, assuming every pie was going to be like this. Alas! There were only three that came out messed up, the rest were formed perfectly. Once they were all taken out of the tins I topped two. Only two. I learned that you have to top them when they are going to be served or they melt and make a huge mess. It would be a waste to top them, put them in the freezer, take them out to serve for me personally. With how these were given out the Oreos and candy canes would have been jaw breakers if topped and then frozen until serving. So, I topped two. One with chocolate syrup and Oreo crumbles and the other with that candy cane/Oreo topping that I have used in half of the recipes so far.

IMG_0559 IMG_0560

Eaten with a spoon, a smile, and a few crunches, these were very well liked! My only disappointment with these is the fact that they melt in minutes, more than 3 minutes out of the freezer and you’ll have a mess. I would truthfully never make these again, they look beautiful but I do not think they are worth any of the effort. This recipe is still a success in my mind because they did come out very well, but I definitely will never be making these mini pies again.


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