Home Fries

IMG_0729This morning seemed like a good time to make a nice breakfast for my friend – also known as Patryk, my admin for this site. It is kind of the only way I can thank someone, seeing as how he does a bunch for me I figured I would repay him with food. No one ever seems sad when you give them food. It also helped that I have 10 pounds of potatoes chilling in my kitchen. I remember buying them for another recipe that I have yet to make. Might as well use some of them. I based this breakfast losely from Rachel Ray’s recipe on Foodnetwork.com, ‘Oven home fries with peppers and onions.’ I did not use peppers because I had none. I also did not make 2 1/2 pounds of of redskin potatoes. I ended up using four potatoes and putting about 1/4 of one on the plate. I also scrambled up four eggs. I honestly fudged putting this together. The instructions that I used from the recipe were to use:

  • IMG_0734Olive oil – I used 1 tablespoon.
  • Throw in chopped onion – I used half of a medium sized onion.
  • Season them – I sprinkled on a random amount of salt and pepper, figuring that whoever eats the home fries could season them how they’d like.
  • Turning twice with a spatula – I think I turned them over three times instead, just to be safe.

I placed the potatoes on a cookie sheet, I thought that the olive oil would be enough of a barrier so that they wouldn’t stick to it. I was wrong, about five minutes in they started to smell a l IMG_0737ittle smokey and voila my smoke detector went off. I’m not sure why I hadn’t thought about that a little bit more. Patryk found it funny as shit and added that he should have said to put down foil or Pam. I really should have known better. So, being smart I took them out, put them on a plate and put some foil down (after washing the cookie sheet off, obviously). I started to place the potatoes back on the foil when Patryk thankfully pointed out that I should spray some Pam on it. I really was not thinking correctly on this one. (Note foil in side picture)

As the recipe says, I turned the potatoes over and was pleasantly surprised that they were getting brown. They started to look like real home fries! I know this is an easy recipe, it’s only a staple breakfast item at every diner ever. I am always nervous to try these recipes, I have never made any of the desserts and savory foods that are on this blog, the only exception are cupcakes and the recipe I used was something completely foreign to me. Whenever I bake I get anxious about it coming out perfectly, hopefully at some point in this exploration of food I’ll become a bit more confident in my ability to follow a recipe.

When these were finished they looked awesome, the onions were a little well done but nothing super horrible. I don’t have anything that I would complain about with the home fries. Then again, I am not the one who ate them. I will let you know if my taste tester was poisoned or not in tomorrow’s post. Hopefully he’ll still be breathing after eating my breakfast awesomeness. Below is a picture of everything I made – more like put on the plate. Four scrambled eggs, about 3 home fries, and two slices of bread (I don’t know why he didn’t want them toasted but that’s okay). You can see that he made a little scrambled egg sandwich.

IMG_0741 IMG_0747


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