Pumpkin Pie

I bought a lot of baking supplies today, quite a few items. I spent far too much time and money in Aldi this afternoon. Absolutely loved every second of it. While I had/IMG_0822have a list of every dessert I would like to attempt to bake this week, and spent a numerous amount of minutes shopping to ensure I had every needed ingredient, I chose to make a pumpkin pie. I believe this decision was based solely on the frustration that was still deep in my soul from disappointing myself yesterday with my dessert outcomes. In the end I am happy to report that my second attempt at this dessert was a success. There is currently a beautiful pie sitting on my oven, tempting my parents. I am sincerely joyed that I was able to make one of the easiest desserts known to man, correctly.

I started off on the right foot this time: 2 large eggs, beaten. Unlike yesterday, I took the time to do as the recipe noted. After beating two wholesome eggs to death, I added in the can of Libby’s pumpkin pie mix, splashing a bitIMG_0827 of the mix all around my kitchen table. Then, pulling out the correct measuring cup, 2/3 of a cup of evaporated milk was poured in. Now was the exciting moment, stirring it all up – during which I dropped the spatula twice. Once, fully into the bowl of pumpkin and the other, flipping it out of the bowl. My sincerest apologies to the horror that has been cast upon that table through my baking explorations. Unlike yesterday’s disaster, this mix looked less like tomato soup and much closer to the multiple times I have witnessed my mother make this pie up.

When pIMG_0829ouring this into my pre-made pie crust, because I am still too lazy to make one from scratch apparently, I did have a little bit of mix left over. I think this was mainly because I made the crust uneven by accident and one side couldn’t hold as much because it was a wee bit shorter than the opposite side. I was also cautious about over filling the crust ultimately due to my lack of coordination and balance. Spilling is not an option – or a choice, it just usually happens.

The only thing I did wrong with this recipe, was what I set the oven at, but I very quickly realized and fixed my mistake. I set the oven to 450, baking the pie at that temperature for about two minute when I rethought that instruction, went back to the recipe, and noticed it was supposed to be set at 425. Now that that mishap was fixed, I let the pie bake at that temperature for fifteen minutes, as directed, and then lowered the temperature to 350 and let it bake for another 50 minutes. Exactly at the 50 minute mark I checked my gorgeous pumpkin pie and to my pleasure it was perfectly baked and ready to be taken out! Success!

I have no idea if this dessert tastes delicious, there has yet to be a taste tester. By tomorrow morning I suspect I’ll have an answer to this question. Hopefully, I am truly hoping, that answer will be along the lines of, “The pie you made is awesome and super rad and scrumptious.” None of which IMG_0832are words that my parents would use to describe anything at all, or probably even consider using in a sentence. Even though no one has tasted this second attempt at a famous dessert, I am going to race ahead and give it a success! I am very happy that I almost made this pie correctly, a little hiccup in the oven temperature, but it looks and smells just like any great pumpkin pie I have encountered has! End result: way better than yesterday.


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