Red Velvet Sugar Cookies

I made red velvet sugar cookies with a cream cheese frosting (recipe from Wednesday, it was so incredibly easy and enjoyable. This post is going to be short because it’s super similar to my red velvet gooey butter cookies. This was fun, I didn’t make a huge mess, and they were different enough from the gooey butter cookies that people could notice. The vote was all for the gooey butter cookies, but not by a landslide, it was more of a 45:55 ratio. I don’t care if there is a smaller ratio that I can use for that, I wanted it to add up to 100. IMG_0932

This recipe is super similar to the gooey butter cookies, main difference? In the sugar cookies you use cake flour. The best part of this recipe was the fact that I didn’t feel like I was going to break my mixer! Very excited about that. After mixing up these cuties you let them sit in the refrigerator for a minimum of two hours, I may have let them sit for about 8 hours, but they still came out as cookies. Win, win!

After they chill out for a little bit, it’s time to heat up the oven to 375 degrees. While waiting for my oven to preheat I started to pre-drop my cookies – that sounds disgusting and I am ashamed that I can’t think of a different way of say, “I put the cookie dough onto parchment paper because I was ready for these IMG_0928shits to be done.” Once the first batch was done, I had the awesome realization that my sugar cookies looked nothing like’s. Mine were like tiny little miniature mountains. Yes, all of that was necessary for the description. I was pretty disappointed with how they looked, but I got over that.

IMG_0943After letting them cool I kind of… Well, I kind of shittily frosted these cookies. I was angry that they weren’t cute like the pictures, I didn’t even put cute Christmas-like decorations on them after frosting them. But I did frost them! In doing so I received quite a few compliments. The most important compliments that happened was the inhaling of cookies that my tattoo artist did with these cookies. He absolutely loved them and so did the other two tattoo artists that had some today! So excited that I didn’t even care that I was only in the shop for the purpose of cookie giving and not getting inked. Thinking back, I really wish I had gotten more done on my sleeve. Oh well, everyone liked the cookies so it was a success on this recipe!IMG_0946


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