Pumpkin Pie

I bought a lot of baking supplies today, quite a few items. I spent far too much time and money in Aldi this afternoon. Absolutely loved every second of it. While I had/IMG_0822have a list of every dessert I would like to attempt to bake this week, and spent a numerous amount of minutes shopping to ensure I had every needed ingredient, I chose to make a pumpkin pie. I believe this decision was based solely on the frustration that was still deep in my soul from disappointing myself yesterday with my dessert outcomes. In the end I am happy to report that my second attempt at this dessert was a success. There is currently a beautiful pie sitting on my oven, tempting my parents. I am sincerely joyed that I was able to make one of the easiest desserts known to man, correctly.

I started off on the right foot this time: 2 large eggs, beaten. Unlike yesterday, I took the time to do as the recipe noted. After beating two wholesome eggs to death, I added in the can of Libby’s pumpkin pie mix, splashing a bitIMG_0827 of the mix all around my kitchen table. Then, pulling out the correct measuring cup, 2/3 of a cup of evaporated milk was poured in. Now was the exciting moment, stirring it all up – during which I dropped the spatula twice. Once, fully into the bowl of pumpkin and the other, flipping it out of the bowl. My sincerest apologies to the horror that has been cast upon that table through my baking explorations. Unlike yesterday’s disaster, this mix looked less like tomato soup and much closer to the multiple times I have witnessed my mother make this pie up.

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Sugar Cookies and Pumpkin Pie

Today I really wanted to bake up some amazing Christmas sugar cookies. I have a ton of cookie cutters in the most adorable shapes, none of them have been put to use though and that made me sad when I thought about it last night. I wanted to put these bad boys to good use and bring a sparkle to the eyes of those around me, because.. Who doesn’t love a freaking sugar cookie in the shape of a Christmas tree. Side note: I swear very heavily in real life, it’s quite difficult to not constantly swear when I’m writing about things. While I was going for my undergrad there were a few essays that I swore in, and passed. End side note: I attempted sugar cookies today. Attempted is the key word. I did not succeed in this recipe. “Who the hell messes up sugar cookies?” You ask, this little lady does. I took this dessert from Alton Brown’s recipe on Foodnetwork.com – thanks for nothing Alton! I totally take that back, I am completely at fault for this mistake. I have found that if there is anyone else in my kitchen when I am baking, unless it’s my mother and we are baking together, I forget how to read and skip steps or don’t pay enough attention to what I’m doing. This always ends up in a fury of swearing at myself or, in this case, at innocent sugar and flour.


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Homemade Apple Pie

For my first baked good, I chose the all-American classic: Apple Pie! I had never made a pie before, and I’ll admit, I cheated and used a Stop & Shop premade pie crust. I figured taking baby steps was best for my first attempt at baking. I used two different recipes for my end result. First, allrecipes.com Apple Pie by Grandma Ople, fantastic reviews from both their website and from the friends and family I graciously forced my dessert on.

IMG_0326To start off, obviously you have to peel a bunch of apples, allrecipes.com said eight – so for some reason I decided twelve was what I should go to. The worry about the apples cooking down and the pie not being big enough was intense. IMG_0328 Continue reading