Mashed Potatoes

This might seem like an odd post, weird food to randomly make, and it isn’t a baked good. All of that said, I made mashed potatoes. My mother gave me the recipe and they were delicious – yes, I actually ate something I made. Note that I measured the portion perfectly and I write down everything I eat and am on a strict diet, mashed potatoes are okay to eat. Dessert is still never going to be in my diet though. Back to mashed potatoes. My mother’s recipe goes as follows:

Peel the potatoes
Chop up those potatoes, I pretended to know how many to use.
Put them in a pot, covering them completely with water, and let them boil until they seem soft enough.
Take them off the stove, we always place the pot on a pot holder on our kitchen table.

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Home Fries

IMG_0729This morning seemed like a good time to make a nice breakfast for my friend – also known as Patryk, my admin for this site. It is kind of the only way I can thank someone, seeing as how he does a bunch for me I figured I would repay him with food. No one ever seems sad when you give them food. It also helped that I have 10 pounds of potatoes chilling in my kitchen. I remember buying them for another recipe that I have yet to make. Might as well use some of them. I based this breakfast losely from Rachel Ray’s recipe on, ‘Oven home fries with peppers and onions.’ I did not use peppers because I had none. I also did not make 2 1/2 pounds of of redskin potatoes. I ended up using four potatoes and putting about 1/4 of one on the plate. I also scrambled up four eggs. I honestly fudged putting this together. The instructions that I used from the recipe were to use:

  • IMG_0734Olive oil – I used 1 tablespoon.
  • Throw in chopped onion – I used half of a medium sized onion.
  • Season them – I sprinkled on a random amount of salt and pepper, figuring that whoever eats the home fries could season them how they’d like.
  • Turning twice with a spatula – I think I turned them over three times instead, just to be safe.

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Mini Cheese Quiche

It might be too early in this baking adventure to start savory meals/crazyness, oh well. This morning I had the wonderful surprise that I had about 90% of the ingredients I need for the desserts I wanted to make, but they were all missing an ingerdient – forcing me to rack my brain for something, anything to bake. I came to the conclusion that quiche is baked, and I had everything that I needed. I didn’t want to make a buttload of them only because I had no idea what the hell went into a quiche. Side note: I wanted to make mini bacon, egg, and cheese quiches, sadly I had no bacon. 90% of all ingredients! I based this recipe off of Pillsbury’s bacon cheese quiche, the recipe makes a full pie, so I faked it and made mini ones with half of everything it calls for. The recipe I ended up with was:

Ingredients – Nothing measured correctly

  • 1 Stop & Shop refrigerated pie crust, softened as directed on box
  • 1/2 cup half-and-half
  • 2 eggs, slightly beaten
  • Sprinkle of salt
  • Sprinkle of pepper
  • Handful of 4 state shredded cheese (I have no idea why it’s called 4 state, whatever)
  • A tiny bit of chopped onion


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