Mashed Potatoes

This might seem like an odd post, weird food to randomly make, and it isn’t a baked good. All of that said, I made mashed potatoes. My mother gave me the recipe and they were delicious – yes, I actually ate something I made. Note that I measured the portion perfectly and I write down everything I eat and am on a strict diet, mashed potatoes are okay to eat. Dessert is still never going to be in my diet though. Back to mashed potatoes. My mother’s recipe goes as follows:

Peel the potatoes
Chop up those potatoes, I pretended to know how many to use.
Put them in a pot, covering them completely with water, and let them boil until they seem soft enough.
Take them off the stove, we always place the pot on a pot holder on our kitchen table.

This is where the recipe gets awesome:
Add in butter and milk.
“How much?” I asked. “As much as you think you need, until they’re the consistency you want them.”
Next add in salt and pepper, again as much as I think I needed. I really have no idea how much I used, of any of these ingredients. I couldn’t even tell you guys how many potatoes I used. Which is stupid, I apologize for being an idiot about this.
After adding everything to your potatoes it’s now time to mash them! You just mash them until they’re officially mashed potatoes.
Final step, put them in a nice bowl until everyone comes home and is ready for dinner, heat them up, smash them into your face.
The end!

That wasn’t exactly a ‘recipe,’ it was definitely more of a ‘how to’/’these are all the ways I guessed mashed potatoes are made.’ The funny thing is that I have made mashed potatoes quite a few times with my mother but never by myself and I realized that I had never paid any attention to how the hell she made them. She makes these really awesome mashed potatoes with cream cheese and sour cream in them, I was tempted to try and make those and be awesome. I decided not to because I am sure my mother just throws in random amounts of those ingredients as well. End result: SUCCESS! They were really delicious. Worth the calories, even though I made sure I had enough calories to eat them. Oh well, still amazing.


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